Orthotics @ Home

  • Orthotics @ Home • December 2, 2020

Those of us with orthotics understand the need for them and we wear them every day. In our dress shoes at the office or our runners at the gym, they provide the support and stability we need to get through the day.  This support and stability doesn’t have to be limited to just outside the home though. Orthotics are also meant to be used at home. With the holidays upon us, and (hopefully) being surrounded by friends and family, we’re going to find ourselves on our feet more than usual. Preparing meals, decorating, and anything else to prepare for the holidays will find us putting our feet to the test!

Take this time to move your orthotics into your house shoes. Whether you have a pair of indoor sneakers or a solid pair of slippers, adding your orthotics to them can help your feet to remain pain-free while you enjoy the holidays with your family. 

Enjoy the holidays  on YOUR terms

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